Terms and Conditions

Your Stories In Song

By submitting a contribution to be included in the Your Stories In Song Project, either verbal, in writing or online, or by using the online database and /or the yourstoriesinsong.co.uk website you agree to these terms and conditions.



Your Stories In Song – the lottery funded project which includes events performances, sharing of stories both written and verbal, an online database and future creative products inspired by stories gathered during the project.

WeMilton Hide – Jim Tipler and Jo Church, musicians, delivering the ‘Your Stories In Song’ events, writing songs inspired by the stories, updating the ‘Your Stories In Song’ online database.

Online Database – a searchable list of contributions submitted as part of the ‘Your Stories In Song’ project on the website – yourstoriesinsong.co.uk

Story / Stories – written or verbal contributions to the ‘Your Stories In Song’ project. Written contributions can be in the form of simple notes or prose.

Submission/s – contributions sent by email or written on the Submission Form; stories shared verbally with Milton Hide or during a ‘Your Stories In Song’ event.

Submission Form – printed ‘Your Stories In Song’ forms or Online Submission form on yourstoriesinsong.co.uk

Contributor – someone who has sent in a submission to the ‘Your Stories In Song’ project.

User – anyone visiting the ‘Your Stories In Song’ website; anyone using the Online Database




We will add all written or verbal ‘Your Stories In Song’ submission to the public ‘Your Stories In Song’ online database which can be viewed at yourstoriesinsong.co.uk unless we feel they include words or content likely to cause offence.

Contributors declare that they have full and unlimited rights to the written content submitted.

Contributors can choose to have their name published with their submission or to remain anonymous. Under 18s must have written permission form a parent or guardian for their name to be published with their submission.



Contributors retain the copyright to their submission but grant full unlimited rights without payment in perpetuity for the subject matter and details of their submission to Milton Hide to use for the purposes of the ‘Your Stories In Song’ Project and to anyone using the ‘Your Stories In Song’ database to use for creative inspiration.

Contributors grant full unlimited rights without payment in perpetuity for their submission to be published on the ‘Your Stories In Song’ Online Database and to be used for ‘Your Stories In Song’ marketing purposes.


Using the Online Database

View the Privacy Policy here – www.yourstoriesinsong.co.uk/privacy-policy

Anyone can view all of the published submissions on the ‘Your Stories In Song’ Database. Anyone may use any of the subject matter and details of these submissions as inspiration for any creative projects but may not use the contributor’s exact words (see Copyright above). Where a contributor is credited on the ‘Your Stories In Song’ database they should be credited alongside any creative project that is produced using their submission as inspiration.


Users of the website

Submissions are published in good faith.

Users of the website and online database accept that content of submissions has not been verified and that fictional stories are being submitted alongside true facts and recollections.

Where external links and third party content are included alongside submissions, users of the website follow these links at their own risk on the understanding that links may not be verified and that no third party content has been verified.