Cynthia Payne

Cynthia Payne

‘Infamous women of Sussex’ – Cynthia Payne. A bit risqué! Qupte: Cynthia Diane Payne (.. 24 December 1932 – 15 November 2015) was an English brothel keeper and party hostess who made headlines in the 1970s...


‘If it wasn’t for the last minute, nothing would get done’ – would make a good song!   JS – Crowborough U3A, 15/2/24


Roaming in the forest with my dog. Camping overnight without a tent. Walking until my dog is so tired I have to carry her but need to keep moving to keep sane. With the leaves on the trees whispering music to me.   S – The Big Conversation, 7 Feb 2024,...

Gillingham disasters

On 11 July 1929 in gillingham kent a fire broke out at a fair killing 15 man and boys, 15 year later on 6 June 1944 two b26 crash over gillingham kent killing 18 including civilians, 7 years later on 4 December 1951 a bus crash in 52 Royal marines cadets killing 24...

Mother’s saying

When ever I took a tarty girl home my mother would always say “you can always stoop down and pick nothing up!” She passed in 1992. Anon – The Big Conversation, 7 Feb 24, Eastbourne

Jackson the cat

The occassional night out can always be justified with luxery beer (£5+ a pint) if it reminds you of listening to Sabbath with Jackson the cat sleeping on your stoned corpse! NA – The Big Conversation, 7 Feb 24, Eastbourne

This land

May the green land be ours Protect it as we do ourselves Nurture the soil Sprinkle with stardust Let it fall Let it feed the creatures great and small Sun keep us warm Rain be our friend To all that is alive on this Earth SB – The Big Conversation, 7 Feb 24,...

Mysterious tracks

The fox visits our garden nightly. He leaves a track like a bicycle. I didn’t know it was the fox. I thought somebody invisible was leaving a track on our lawn. Anon – The Big Conversation, 7 Feb 24, Eastbourne

First Love

When I was five my first love was a six year old boy called Steven. I was sat next to him at school. We were dreamers and he was called backward because he only drew pictures and told stories of living in the Banana Submarine. Anon- The Big Conversation, 7 Feb 24,...


I was a baby, I nearly died. My Dad lived away, my Mum was left to cope with us. My Mum had diabetes. She was happy though, she ate a lot of cake. My childhood was tough, I didn’t want much, I was a shy child, very quiet. Not now though, I am loud, confident all...

Terry Fox

Terry Fox. He was a young man with cancer he had a leg amputee and then ran across Canada to raise money for or cancer research. Unfortunately his cancer returned and he died before completing the run. Every year there is a Terry Fox run and it has raised millions...

Royal Connections

My Mum and uncle used to play with Charles and Anne on the beach outside the Queen Mother’s Scottish residence, Castle of May, in Caithness. Anon Golden Hinde, London


Question the health of youth. Why so sad? Why so heavy? How can we help? Anon Kontra roots 23


I was down a grave in Northern France when I heard of Elvis’s death. Anon Kontra Roots 2023


Interrobang. Shady characters. A song about punctuation – Mister Spektor. Anon Llantrisant Folk 2023 Quatation: “The interrobang .. also known as the interabang .. ‽ (often represented by any of ?!, !?, ?!?,?!!, !?? or !?!), is an unconventional...


Dickie Pearce – last court jester, fell off castle battlements, got state burial. Anon Llantrissant Folk 2023 Quote: “The last of the court jesters was Dicky Pearce he was the Earl of Suffolk’s fool, born in 1665 …In 1728 during a performance he...


Beamed ceilings are lovely to look at but a bugger to paint! Thoughts from a Yorkshire man Summer Trifle Festival 2023

Early Morning

Stillness and silence of an early morning walking as the sun rise, before anyone is awake. The day is a new canvas, washed clean. Ann B Summer Trifle Festival 2023


Alice (8) would like a song about the beautiful colours of autumn leaves Summer Trifle Festival 2023

Mussell picking

Mussel picking on the welsh sound   cockles and...

Record inspiration

Erite a song based on the first records that people bought. Mine were Big Bad John (Jimmy Dean) and Say I Won’t Be There, Springfields. Anon Broadstairs Folk Week 2023

Born away

The child who was born 50 miles from home Anon Broadstairs Folk Week 2023