Roaming in the forest with my dog. Camping overnight without a tent. Walking until my dog is so tired I have to carry her but need to keep moving to keep sane. With the leaves on the trees whispering music to me.   S – The Big Conversation, 7 Feb 2024,...


I was a baby, I nearly died. My Dad lived away, my Mum was left to cope with us. My Mum had diabetes. She was happy though, she ate a lot of cake. My childhood was tough, I didn’t want much, I was a shy child, very quiet. Not now though, I am loud, confident all...

Maid in St James

My grandmother came from a Scottish border town, aged 18, to work as a kitchen maid in St James Squre, London. I have always wondered why, what was her story? Anon The Golden hind, London, 2023

Factory Workers

I’ve yet to hear a song about factory workers in a food factory – eg chicken. Lots of people used to work locally in the food factory for a localality [?]. Martin White Horsem Cromer, 2023


I’d love to hear a song about ornithologists / twitchers (there’s a big difference!). My dad was an avid ornithologist or ‘birder’ as he called them Malcolm The White Horse, Cromer 2023


William would like to tell you about playing hide and seek on the farm, looking for ancient artifacts. His favourite times are when exploring with groups of friends, taking walkie talkies whilst they explore age 10 Summer Trifle festival, 2023