The Mackintosh Rebellion – Eastbourne

The Mackintosh Rebellion – Eastbourne

In 1929, Eastbourne was pretty much the last seaside resort to incur charges on the beach for bathing as it tried to hang on to its “elite” resort status. many other resorts had relaxed charges by this time, but Eastbourne’s Corporation insisted that...
Grandfather Clem

Grandfather Clem

My Grandfather, Clem, was an artilleryman in the 1st World War. Haunted by memories of riding a gun carriage (horse drawn) over the bodies of men and horses in the Somme. In the 2nd World War he served in the ARP in London. The first V1 attack killed many of his team...
Mad Jack Fuller

Mad Jack Fuller

Suggestion from Crowborough U3A, 15/2/24 Mad Jack Fuller. Builder of follies, philanthropist, patron of the arts, very wealthy man. Said to be buried in the pyramid shaped folly in Brightling, sitting up holding a glass of port.   Further reading:...
Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle lived in Crowborough at Windlesham Manor. His statue was dressed as an elf last Christmas. JW – Crowborough U3A, 15/2/24   Further reading: and...

Terry Fox

Terry Fox. He was a young man with cancer he had a leg amputee and then ran across Canada to raise money for or cancer research. Unfortunately his cancer returned and he died before completing the run. Every year there is a Terry Fox run and it has raised millions...

Royal Connections

My Mum and uncle used to play with Charles and Anne on the beach outside the Queen Mother’s Scottish residence, Castle of May, in Caithness. Anon Golden Hinde, London

Maid in St James

My grandmother came from a Scottish border town, aged 18, to work as a kitchen maid in St James Squre, London. I have always wondered why, what was her story? Anon The Golden hind, London, 2023

Factory Workers

I’ve yet to hear a song about factory workers in a food factory – eg chicken. Lots of people used to work locally in the food factory for a localality [?]. Martin White Horsem Cromer, 2023


I’d love to hear a song about ornithologists / twitchers (there’s a big difference!). My dad was an avid ornithologist or ‘birder’ as he called them Malcolm The White Horse, Cromer 2023


Question the health of youth. Why so sad? Why so heavy? How can we help? Anon Kontra roots 23


Interrobang. Shady characters. A song about punctuation – Mister Spektor. Anon Llantrisant Folk 2023 Quatation: “The interrobang .. also known as the interabang .. ‽ (often represented by any of ?!, !?, ?!?,?!!, !?? or !?!), is an unconventional...


Dickie Pearce – last court jester, fell off castle battlements, got state burial. Anon Llantrissant Folk 2023 Quote: “The last of the court jesters was Dicky Pearce he was the Earl of Suffolk’s fool, born in 1665 …In 1728 during a performance he...

Margery Polley

Margery Polley of Pembury, martyred at Tonbridge 1557 (Maryan persecutions) Suggested at Tenterden Festival 2023   Quote:” Margery Polley of Pembury was burnt at Tonbridge in July 1555, she was the first woman Martyr of Mary’s reign. ”...

Bonfire Societies

Tradition in East Sussex of bonfire societies holding large marches and firework events around 5th November. The societies collect money for local charities. Suggestion from audience at An Evening with Milton Hide, 13/9/23 part of Hailsham Festival – Liz C...

The rebel Jack Cade

A rebellion in 1450, led by Jack Cade (“Captain of Kent”)marched on London to force the government to reform administration. A precursor to the war of the roses. Jack Cade died from injuries sustained in a battle on London Bridge in the rebellion....

Mad Jack Fuller

Mad Jack Fuller Fuller’s tomb is a pyramid in Brightling. suggestion from audience at An Evening with Milton Hide, 13/9/23 part of Hailsham Festival (The Olesons)

Walter Murray

Naturalist, Horam headmaster, Radio presenter and journalist. Walter Murray Started a school in Horam. Lived alone in the woods at Copford for a year gathering wild herbs. Nature photographer, writer, radio and TV broadcaster. suggestion from audience at An Evening...

Picasso went to Chiddingly

Farleys House at Chiddingly is known as the home of the surrealists. Pablo Picasso stayed in 1950 as well as many other notable artists and creatives. Farleys House & Gallery  The Boy Who Bit Picasso This delightful children’s book is a wonderful introduction to...

Chiddingly Onion Pie Murderer

suggestion from audience member at An Evening with Milton Hide on 13 Sept 2023, part of Hailsham Festival