A Ride Away


Onwards out of Polegate is where I paid my fare,
Sitting in my window seat, the driver departs with care.
Past tall green trees and hills etched with chalk,
Where my thoughts went to my weekend walk.

At a gentle speed, we continue on,
A stranger nods, we stop, and then he’s gone.
We pass a cosy cottage, a sleepy farm,
Sun shining through brushing my arm.

Edge of Lewes is the next stop,
A red-faced lady rushes fit to drop.
The doors open with a swish,
They wait with a gush of sea air and fish.

My destination is now in sight,
Brighton is where I will enjoy my night.
Then I will return with no stress,
By Bus I can relax and do much less!

[My Poem was chosen on the Brighton bus at present and read on Hailsham FM – Debbie Milner] . 

By Debbie Milner – November 2023
©Debbie Milner

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February 23, 2024